Be on Mission

Engage Others

When you discover something new that you love, what do you do?  Tell someone.

Faith is like that. Don’t keep the good news to yourself.

Here are 7 ways you can help others know Jesus by engaging them personally, or with a friend or small group.

Invite a Friend

One of the easiest ways you can engage others to help them know Jesus is by simply inviting them to join you at one of our services. You can text or call or invite them to watch online. Invite your friend right now!


Ask Jesus.  Talk to God about people before you talk to people about God. To whom is Jesus asking you to show God’s love?  Who are you in proximity with on a regular basis - a neighbor, co-worker, friend, employee at the coffee shop or store?

Serve Others

How can you serve others?  What are ways you can give your time, money, or resources to help someone? How could you show God’s love by blessing someone with your time, money, or resources?  Be on mission and look for daily opportunities placed in your path to show God’s kindness to others.

Check out these great ways you can serve our church, community, and world:

opportunities to serve

Share Your Story

Tell us your story and listen to other stories of God’s faithfulness.

We would love to hear your story. Share your story of how Jesus has changed your life below.

Share Life with Others

God uses relationships to change us.  In fact, He most likely has used someone to change your life.  What are ways you can genuinely get to know someone and allow them to get to know you?  How can you invite them into your life, your family, your small group? How can you show genuine hospitality?  This might include sharing a meal together, inviting them to join your family for an activity, inviting them to serve with you and your small group, or simply inviting them to church with you.

Connect People to Others

Sometimes God places people in our lives who need support and encouragement.  We may not know the answers but we can pray for them and help connect them to someone for support.  This may include a mentor, a support group like GriefShare, our support group for widows, or Celebrate Recovery.  How can you connect someone with the support they need that will introduce them to Jesus?

Our Care and Support page may have the resources someone needs.

Care and Support

Go with Others

Every day our friends and neighbors feel like life is against them.  In some cases, they feel like God is against them.  Imagine what it would be like if you joined together with others to show them God’s love and that Jesus is for them.  People won’t know Jesus is FOR them if they don’t know we are FOR them.  We our committed to being FOR our local community. Who can you join together with to show God’s love?  Who is God calling you to show that Jesus is for them?  Is it your neighbors, first responders, school teachers, young families, moms?  How can you go with others to express God’s love?  Examples:  neighborhood block party/bbq, partnering with an organization)

You can also find examples of ways to serve our community below.

serve our community